Case Studies



Citibank (AsiaPacific)


Mutual funds were new to Asia in the late 90s, and many people in rural areas had no information about this method of investing. As Citibank developed a world-class investment services franchise in the Asian markets, I worked with the regional marketing team on the following:


  • Developed timely and topical sales force communications;

  • Brand management throughout region;

  • Expanded the menu of fund offerings by assessing new concepts and creating product programs for new fund launches;

  • Committee member, global website project.

After two years with Citibank, their investment products tripled in sales which included higher cross-sell rates of investment products to bank clients, and increased retention rates. The marketing program was a success.

McGraw Hill Construction


McGraw Hill Construction launched The Network, an online service which caters to the construction industry,  I created an investment case and roll-out plan for the launch of a loyalty program.
Initial research included bench marking four different industry companies and applying best practices to those companies’ programs:

  • Stated a case for a loyalty marketing program while defining all issues and challenges;

  • Created a value proposition while defining a strategy including schedule/budget;

  • Performed a cost analysis of the investment needed to start and maintain a program.

I developed a loyalty program which fostered a philosophical shift in customer thinking from price sensitive to value-proposition centric, while deepening customer relationships and retention rates. 

QuickTube Systems


As a start-up manufacturer of pneumatic tube systems, Quick Tube Systems needed to enhance their brand and marketing communications positioning to reflect their next step as a newly-emerging company.


To better position Quick Tube Systems in their industry, I completed the following:


  • Communications Plan;

  • Re-branded Marketing Communications Materials;

  • Designed, built and managed their website & social media marketing strategy.


This emerging company has a foundation in place to increase sales, deepen existing relationships, and cross-sell other products to existing and future clients.