MG Communications is a corporate marketing communications practice with a focus on content, engagement, change, and creative ideas. 

What Is Content Marketing?

Every time you interact with your customers or employees, you create an experience for them. I develop consistently positive and memorable experiences which are designed to match your brand image and keep your customers coming back. 

Is your company making changes that will impact customers or employees? How changes are communicated will impact customer loyalty and/or employees' morale, and ultimately their productivity.  

How Am I Different?

I look at your customer's experiences from their points-of-view. How are they responding in surveys? What are they saying on review sites or on social media?  Have your employees been suitably prepared for change? What are their main concerns?

Then, I develop ways to improve how you communicate with your customers or employees. The result is a more satisfied and rewarded customer or employee that has no desire to go elsewhere.